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There was several times we went out to having a dinner and going around Bandung City. In our pastime, we really having a good time together.. went to the Tangkuban Parahu Crater, Dusun Bambu, Paskal Food Festival, Paris Van Java Mall, Ciwalk, Braga Street, and Asia Africa museum.

i’m so sorry about the traffic jam, i knew they were really shocked with the traffic jam that happened in Indonesia. But, after i gave some reasonable explanation, they tried to enjoy the trip hahaha..

Hhhhmm.. i hope they really enjoy the pastime. But i always said to them.. “don’t ever try to comparing Indonesia with Japan! Bandung just a small part of Indonesia.. if you go to travel many places in Indonesia, i bet you will Love my country! But i confess, Japan is really fantastic! take me there hahaha”

They have some difficult and funny question that they want to asked to me.. here the questions:

  1. Nia, why Indonesian people don’t drink alcohol?
  2. Why its so hard to find alcohol in here?
  3. Why some people wears headgear (veil)?
  4. Nia, your sister wears veil (jilbab). But why you don’t?
  5. What kind of that place (pointing a place for wudlu and mushola)?
  6. Why Indonesian people like spicy foods so much?
  7.  Is that KARAOKE?? (they heard Adzan Magrib)

Hahaha.. You know, that questions is definitely easy to answered. But , the problem is.. their english isn’t good enough. So when i answered the question, they tried so hard to understand, but sometimes they didn’t get it! hahaha. But it was really funny moment.. especially about Adzan Magrib that they thought it was karaoke.. hahaha! guys… -_____-“a

They wanted to go to the Pork Ramen Store. We went to the Sanpachi Ramen Store. They said this Ramen taste not so different with the original Japanese ramen. But unfortunately, They can not shared their ramen with me.. i let them to taste my ramen. but i cant eat their ramen because i don’t eat pork.. and they asked me again hahaha.. >_<”

And.. on their last day in Indonesia is the saddest part of our moments. It was really really sad.. we accompanied them to go to the  Soekarno - Hatta Airport. During the trip, i tried to hide my dumps. i tried to enjoy our last togetherness..
But, at the time when we have to separated, i really really can’t hide my tears anymore. I was cried until my face full of tears.
It was so hard to say Goodbye.. i still want to build house with them.. i can’t imagine what would happen next..

They’re so funny and of course kind hearted.. even though we just met.. but i feel so comfortable. We’re not stranger anymore..
Well.. show must go on.
No one ready to say goodbye..
But i hope we can make our promised become true.. Someday, we’ll meet again.. in Indonesia or maybe in Japan.
See You Next Time my Japanese Friends.. Good Luck there.. Sayonara!!
Terimakasih.. aku cinta kamu :D

Zion’s Club GV (Global Village) Habitat For Humanity, Jambu Dipa Village, Bandung -West Java, Indonesia.

It’s a late post.. Last month, at 10 - 20 March, 2014. I started again as the local volunteer at Habitat For Humanity Bandung. And Habitat’s staff asked me to become the Volunteer Coordinator for the GV team from TAMA University, Yokohama, Japan.

The name of the Team is Zion’s Club. It takes from the name of their teacher, Mark Zion. There are 11 members include the professor.
The team leader is Honami Saito, Yusuke Ishige, Satomi Sugai, Yuki Yamamoto, Shiyu Nagao, Rie Tsunashima, Hachi Mikii, Ryo Katoo, Hideo Kashiwagi, Yoshihiro Tanaka.

Me, as the local volunteer was helped by another local volunteer, there is Linda, Noel, Billy, Depni, Andre, and Daniel.
Everyday in 10 days, we worked together.. we met from early morning until late night!
We rebuild the decent house for local resident. we dag the hole to make foundation, mixed the cement, cut and bent the wire, transformed the materials, arranged the bricks, and plastered the wall wit cement and soon.

woahh.. it was so much fun, and tired though hahaha.. it was so hot, and sometimes light rain too. but we were enjoy our activity. Even Though we little bit difficult to communicated, but we’ve tried so hard to understanding each other.. we still can make a great coordination and became a solid team!

The members of Zion’s Club is very friendly people.. they’re such a humorous people. There was no day without making any jokes… damn! i laugh everyday.. makes me feel younger!! hahaha.. And you know what? they call me Jyaiko (sister of Giant from Doraemon)!!!! am i that fat?? well, Thanks Guys.. TT___TT

When the break time for the lunch, usually after eat the lucnh we play around with the children. I love children.. and so they do.. how a lovely moments i had.. We work, We build a house, We play with the children, we sing, we eat.. we do that together.. i really missing them..

Thanks God, i have an amazing experience that maybe another people can’t have it and of course i cant get it from my formal education.. i learn everything from here. about hospitality, friendship, work team, diversity, and respect..

Thank You very much.. Thank you Zions Club, Thank You the Local People, and Thank You Habitat for Humanity Bandung.. Love You Forever :D


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